Return Policy

You have the right to return your order in whole or in part within a time-limit of 14 days from the date you received it.

The steps are 

1. Fill in and sent us the special 'return form' that you can find here

2. Send the products to be returned to the following address:


Tel: +30 6972210653

3. We receive the products, we check whether the above requirements are followed and we proceed with your refund.

Returns will be accepted strictly only if the following conditions are met:

1. The product is unworn or unused or in its original pristine condition. All products returned to SPANOS SA storage room undergo meticulous quality control.

2. The product package has not been altered or soiled but is in excellent condition.

3. The product is returned to safe packaging, so as not damaged during transport. We are not responsible for any loss or damage during transport of the product.

4. Along with the product return intact and in excellent condition and all the documents / tags accompanying the product (original purchase / invoice receipt, or any other accompanying materials).

5. If the product is accompanied by a gift should be returned and the gift with the product, also in excellent condition thereof and forms that may accompany it.

Exceptions from the right of withdrawal

1. It may not retreat and the return is not permitted for special orders.

2. Where products have been modified after the customer's request.

3. For damage caused by the opening of the product for which the responsibility lies solely with the customer.

5.   Seasonal products 

6.   Credit balance is not available

General Info

- In case of a return of a product, and depending on both the method you chose to pay your order and the way such product would be returned, refund of payment shall be concluded within 14 working days from the date we shall receive the product. In case you have chosen the ”Cash on Delivery “ service refund will be deposited in your bank account thus we need you to send us at  the relevant details (Bank, IBAN, Beneficiary name – for security reasons your name needs to be appeared).  

- All returns are made at the customer own cost as we do not carry any shipping or customs office responsibility whatsoever. When we will receive the returned product, we will immediately process your request and notify you via e-mail about the processing of said request.

- For your own convenience, it is recommended to check carefully your order upon delivery and the condition of the sold product, as well as to check if product’s package is intact so as to detect any apparent faults. In case a fault is detected in a returned product during quality control, the company undertakes to contact consumers in order to resolve the issue.

- If the reason for returning a product lies with a company's error, we kindly ask you to send us back the product with the shipping company we will recommend and we undertake to deliver order again at the shipping address you have specified at our own expense. 

- In case you do not want to receive your parcel upon arrival to the shipping country we will refund you excluding the costs of transportation, handling, and customs office.

- Returns are accepted only for products that have been bought only via .

B2. Cancelation

In case you would like to cancel your order please keep in mind that the cancellation will be accepted within 1 hour of the order completion. Beyond that point no cancellation will be accepted, and you have to proceed with the return process as this is described above.

B3. Replacement

The company cannot provide replacement service. In case you wish to change any product, you need to return the product to the company and make a new order. If the reason for returning a product is due to a company's error, then the company shall bear the relevant return cost.

Τhe Company does not undertake the reimbursement of additional taxes and / or taxes, shipping costs, as mentioned above, differences that may arise due to exchange rates or any bank charges.

Force majeure: If, due to force majeure (i.e., adverse weather conditions, strikes, etc.), we fail to deliver you the products within the set time-limit, we will contact you through e-mail in order for you to confirm whether you wish the completion of you order or not, under said circumstances. We shall not be liable for any situation arising without its fault and shall do whatever is humanly possible for your best service.