Shipping Methods


The items are shipped through ΕASY MAIL within 5 working days. The usual delivery time is indicative, and it varies, depending on the geographical designation of the point of receipt, the service from the relevant distribution networks and the respective conditions and emergencies. For an order value of more than 100 euros, no shipping costs will be charged. Up to 2 kg and for orders under 100 euros, shipping costs are € 2.6. For every additional kg there is an extra charge 1.2€/kg. 

Kindly note that when preferred payment method is Cash on delivery an additional cost of 1,6 € will be applied to your total amount of payment.

Cyprus and Abroad

You can find below shipping costs for orders up to 2kgs. For orders between 2 and 10kgs the shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the dimensions and the weight of the parcel, and they appear in your order. For orders more than 10kgs we will contact you.

Delivery services is held by “EASY MAIL” and delivery time is between 10-12 working days.

Please note that any orders delivered outside the European Union may also be subject to extra custom fees, as per the country’s regulations. We are not responsible for the fee in your country, and we invite you to check with your local custom authority before completing the order. 

- ZONE 1 [Cyprus]

Up to 2kgr: 17,50 €

- ZONE 2 EPG Countries:

Balkan Countries: (Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania) Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France (including Corsica & Monaco), Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal (including Azores Islands), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Balearic Islands & Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Up to 2kgr: 35,50 €

- ZONE3 [Other Countries]

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